• Student Teaching at Ysleta ISD 

    Student Teaching is one of the most valuable experiences of your educational career.  Choosing the right place to student teach is an essential choice to be made when considering which district you would be seeking employment with.  Ysleta ISD welcomes student teachers from university programs throughout the area and the district prides itself in being a select choice school district for student teachers.  

    Observations & Field Experience may be requested by inquiring with a selected campus and seeking the approval of the campus administrator.  A student teacher/intern orientation is organized in the fall and spring semesters. The fall orientation typically happens right before school begins and the spring orientation typically occurs the first week after the holiday break.  The district orientation is mandatory.  Contact the Recruitment Office at 434-0428 for the date and times. 

    All observers, student teachers and/or interns must complete an Intern Form  located on step 2 of the "Steps to Observe or Student Teach" listed below. The intern form allows Ysleta to conduct a criminal background check ensuring the safety of students and staff prior to placement.  All background checks must be completed prior to reporting to any district campus assignment.   Please allow 48 hours for the clearance to be conducted before contacting the background check Clerk in Human Resources to schedule a time to pick up a clearance form. Note: All observers, student teachers and/or interns must call Clerk in Human Resources to schedule a time to pick up a clearance form.

    Clearance Forms are available 48 hours following submission of the intern form online.  Be sure and verify if you have been cleared in the event that the district requires you to bring further documentation for clearance or in case the submission was not received.  If you suspect that the district will require further documentation from you due to a prior indiscretion, be prepared to bring copies of the documentation required for possible clearance to discuss with a Human Resources Director. 

    Steps to Observe or Student Teach

    1. Secure the campus assignment/approval. (UTEP will secure the student teacher assignments.)
    2. Complete the online intern consent form to conduct the criminal background check at least one week prior to the date of reporting. 
    3. Call the Recruitment office and verify clearance.
    4. Pick-up the yellow clearance form from the Human Resources Office prior to your campus report date.
    5. Present the clearance form to the campus front office.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What if I am assigned to two campuses? 
      • Inform Human Resources that you require two clearance forms for the two different sites.
    • What if I do not receive an automatic email notifying me that my intern form has been accepted successfully? 
      • You should complete the form again to ensure that it is received.  If no notification is sent the second time, call the Human Resources Number #(915) 434-0428 for assistance.
    • What kind of offenses can result in the request for further documentation or even prohibit a clearance? 
      • Policy DH (Local) Crimes involving moral turpitude, which include dishonesty; fraud; deceit; theft; misrepresentation; deliberate violence; base, vile, or depraved acts that are intended to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the actor; felony possession or conspiracy to possess, or any misdemeanor or felony transfer, sale, distribution or conspiracy to transfer, sell, or distribute any controlled substance defined in chapter 481 of the Health and Safety Code; felony driving while intoxicated (DWI); or acts constituting abuse or neglect under the Texas Family Code. 
    • Will I be cleared if I don’t attend the orientation?
      • The orientation is mandatory however if an emergency situation occurs, contact the Human Resources office Recruiter at (915) 434-0428 for further information.
    • What if I report to the campus without my clearance form? 
      • The campus will not allow you on campus and will send you to Human Resources to retrieve the proper clearance.
    • May I substitute teach while I am student teaching? 
      • You will need to check with your university program advisor. 
    • May I begin the application process now? 
      • Yes, the district strongly encourages you to apply early and update you application information monthly.  You may not begin a teaching assignment however, until you have met all of the graduation criteria and certification criteria to be considered highly qualified.   The applications are accessible online at yisd.net.  Click the Job Postings link. 
    • For which positions can I submit the online application? 
      • Any positions for which you meet the minimum qualifications.   
    • How do I find out about vacancies in Ysleta ISD?  Should I apply for pool vacancies or future vacancies? 
      • Job postings are posted on the district website.  Do apply for any positions for which you meet the minimum qualifications including the pool and future vacancy postings.