• As a counselor my role is to support and complement the efforts of the classroom teachers to facilitate children's learning in the area of emotional growth, and mental well being.  In the implementation of Conscious Discipline Brain State strategies Mrs. Ceniceros strongly believes it is crucial that every child feels safe in their learning environment.  In order to develop this type of school culture we have the implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Support, which reinforces appropriate behavior in different areas of our school environment.  Our students learn to become safe, respectful, and responsible.  School wide celebrations take place to celebrate great behavior.  Teaching behavioral expectations and reinforcing students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for behavior to happen before responding.  With the implementation of our RAK program students are taught the importance of kindness by using the following traits: fairness, responsibility, self-care self-discipline, helpfulness and respect.

    Students are also invited to Mrs. Ceniceros class for guidance lessons to enhance these areas by implementing strategies to implement in different situations that apply to social skills.  Students that need small group support are part of social skills groups to provide intervention.  By doing so we build a culture where children feel safe, loved, respected and valued as a human being. 

    Parents play a vital role in their child's social emotional development therefore, Mrs. Ceniceros offers workshops to support and help develop parenting skills in the areas of conscious discipline, love and logic positive discipline skills, building confidence and enhancing character values in their daily interactions.