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  • Constance Hulbert Elementary School is a relatively small school within The Ysleta Independent School District. Opened in 2003, the school is named after Mrs. Constance Elizabeth Hulbert, a lifelong advocate for bilingual students, and former teacher at Eastwood High School. Student enrollment at the campus reaches approximately 400 students per year and is comprised of grades Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth. The majority of the student population comes from Hispanic households. At Constance Hulbert Elementary, parents and teachers work together to make a difference in the students’ learning environment. The school is under the leadership of Mrs. Sophia Fierro. The interim assistant principal is Mr. Perez.

    Campus Library
    The campus library has completely been renovated so that our students are able to execute the 21st-century demands being asked of them and at the same time follow STEM programs designed specifically for engaging students. The library’s entire layout has been redesigned to create an inviting, futuristic and exciting place for academic learning and to cultivate the development of fine arts. Mobile devices are readily available to students. 

    Advanced Math Course
    An advanced mathematics course for sixth-grade students is in place. Students enrolled in this course at the course use graphing calculators as part of a rigorous course curriculum available to all students who are up to the challenge. The program is very successful as 95% of the students enrolled pass the advance math evaluation.

    STEM Curriculum School
    Constance Hulbert is dedicated to providing students with an advanced curriculum in all content areas of the Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM).  Students in all grades will develop four STEM Projects during the course of the year.

    Structured Learning Opportunities
    While the school’s primary focus is STEM academics, we believe that students must be well-rounded individuals if they are ever to serve in professional leadership positions. It is for this reason that CHES provides many active participation opportunities through school organizations such as Student Council, Library Club, Robotics, Choir, Patrol Students and Pep Squad.

    Robotics Team
    Our CHES Hawk Robotic Teams currently compete at the middle school level. It has participates in scrimmage and in district preliminary competitions. It is also a participant in the citywide competition held for all El Paso schools. The program includes grades 4-6.

    Patrol Students
    Student volunteer for service by joining the Patrol Students team. All students in grades 5-6 may join this organization. They learn about service, responsibility, and respect.

    Girl Powered
    Our Girl Powered Program is an excellent self awareness and professional motivator . The organization was started in 2018-2019. Girls who join, have become part of a program that uses extracurricular STEM activities and a business community mentorship for Girls. The girls participate in a hands-on mentorship that exposes the girls to successful professional women. 

    Young Gents
    The curriculum is in the works to create a learning environment that will nourish and encourage boys of all ages to become great STEM candidates. This year, the program qualified for several scholarships and will create an all-boy robotics team.

    Student Council
    Student Council provides students with a voice and vote in certain decisions that directly affect them. It likewise provides insight as to the practices of student government and forms a valuable sense of how one person can make a difference.

    Any student in grades 5-6 may participate in the choir. Our choir performs in local school events and is a great way to get both sides of the brain working.

    Art, Band, Orchestra
    Constance Hulbert offers three electives to all fifth and sixth-grade students: art, band, and orchestra. 

    Team Sports
    Constance Hulbert has been fortunate enough to be able to provide basketball as a team sport for the past five years. Both boys and girls in grades 3-6 may try out for our teams, all of which compete in the local El Paso school circuit.

    Media Club
    Student from grades 4-6 may participate in this after school program. The club generates the school news and show cases feature stories.

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