• Let’s Send YISD Seniors to College - Enroll in the Jeankers for Scholars Employee Pledge Drive!

    Dear YISD Employees,

    Because of you and your support, YISD students are fulfilling their dreams of going to college.  Last year, YEF awarded 139 students with scholarships totaling more than $317,000.  Your continued participation in Jeankers will directly impact the Class of 2022 seniors to obtain a higher education!

    This year, we have provided you with several options to select from:

    1. Total donation of $25 for the year
    2. Total donation of $50 for the year
    3. Enter higher donation amount of your choosing

    Any of the above donations allow you to wear jeans and sneakers every Friday during the school year. You will receive a Jeankers sticker for your ID badge to proudly display your support for our students to continue their education beyond high school.

    Jeankers Sticker 2021

    The Ysleta Education Foundation (YEF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, therefore, your donation is tax-deductible. More than $4.1 million has been awarded since 1992 to over 1,700 students, including children of YISD employees.

    Proudly make your pledge today to help YISD students fulfill their dreams of a higher education.

    • Go to https://bisweb.yisd.net to see the various options available to submit your donation including:
      1. payroll deduction
      2. check by mail
      3. one-time credit card payment through PayPal
      4. submit online registration form

    If you enroll in Jeankers for Scholars by November 1st, you will have a chance to win a Monthly Pizza Party which includes five pizzas and 30 ice cream coupons each month for four months!

    Should you have any questions, contact the YEF Office at (915) 434-0505 or at yef@yisd.net.

    THANK YOU for your continued support. We wish you an outstanding 2021-2022 school year!


    Ysleta Education Foundation

    Office: (915) 434-0505 or (915) 434-0504

    Fax: (915) 435-9631

    Website: http://yefscholarships.yisd.net


     2021 YEF Recipients