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  • The Camino Real Band program is under the direction of Mrs. Morales and Mr. Orozco. With their guidance and the support of the Del Valle Feeder Pattern Band Staff, the program has grown to include a variety of ensembles:
    • Beginning Band (no experience)
    • Concert Band (6th Grade with one year experience)
    • Symphonic Band (7th/8th Grade intermediate band students)
    • Honor Band (Advanced 7th/8th Grade)
    • Jazz Band (offered as a 2nd elective to students with 1 or more years experience and 2 electives available)
    Our students are involved in school related athletics, clubs, Pre-AP and Advanced Classes as well as outside school activities such as city leagues.

    Philosophy of Music

    Every aspect of music is important and will be emphasized at various stages in a students' development. The Del Valle feeder pattern stresses the advancement of the students' abilities to function in both the large group and small ensemble setting.

    Music offers a unique opportunity to challenge each student cognitively, effectively, and physically. The Del Valle feeder pattern provides for emotional expression, intrinsic worth, and has a positive impact on individual students, families, communities, and cultures.


    Class Schedule

    BIC          8:30-8:38                                                                                                                        

    Reading 8:38-8:53           

    1               8:53-9:40          Beginning Band

    2               9:43-10:30        Beginning Band

    3               10:33-11:20       Conference

    4               11:20-11:50       Lunch

    5               11:53-12:40       Beginning Band  

    6               12:43-1:30         Jazz Band             

    7               1:33-2:20           Concert Band    

    8               2:23-3:10           Symphonic Band              

    9               3:13-4:00           Honor Band