• Student Councils are part of your school’s leadership team. Effective Student Councils create opportunities for connection and belonging, opportunities that positively affect school culture and climate which in turn foster high achievement even in our youngest leaders. Though approaches might be different, the goals are the same: all students achieve academic and social success. For a school to flourish, all leaders both student and adult, need to work toward the same goals. This beneficial relationship will assist not just you, but your students as well. Your CaSE rating, as stated in House Bill 5 section 46, can be exemplary this year and for years to come with the utilization of your student leaders.


    This year's Student Council Leadership Classes will have the opportunity to run for Student Council Office.  On October 4, all of EMS Student Body will participate in the election process.  The following election process will be followed:


    1. Calling of Elections

    2. Voters' List

    3. Recruitment of Candidates

    4. Decleration of Candidacy

    5. Information for Voters (Campaign)

    6. Training of Election Personnel 

    7. Preperation of Ballots (Google Form)

    On Election Day, voting will take place during Lunch.  The polling station will be set up in the Rotunda for students to vote during their lunch period.  Candidates must remain nuetral during elections.   Only the Advisor will have access to the voting results.


    Election Day is October 4th!!!