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  • Arts, Audio/Visual Technology & Communication

  • Lights...camera...action at Ysleta High School. The creative minds of tomorrow are taking their cue from outlets such as ESPN, Disney or People Magazine. Students who enroll in the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications career pathway at Ysleta High School will learn what it takes to be a part of this exciting and rewarding career.

    Students in this program will spend four years learning about the film, animation and photo enhancement industry culminating in projects such as working on a daily news broadcast from our KNDN News Studio to live streaming of Friday night football games with our national partners at the HFHS Network.

  • Possible Careers:

    • Television Producer
    • Television Anchor
    • Sports Anchor
    • Multimedia Designer
    • Graphic Designer
    • News Reporter
    • Animation Design
    • Video Editor
    • Lighting Assistant
    • Photographer
    • Control Booth Operator
  • For more information please contact:

    Ysleta High School at

    (915) 434-8181

    Email Mr. Hernandez: phernandez2@yisd.net

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  • The U.S National average salary for a Television Producer was $48,787 in 2010. A Television Producer at one of the national networks such as NBC can earn up to $106,800 annually. Wages in this field depend on geographical location. The market size of the broadcast also plays a role in determining salaries.

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  • Courses offered at Ysleta High School:

    • Principles of Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
    • Audio Video Production I
    • Audio Video Production II
    • Animation
    • Animation II
    • Graphic Design & Illustration
    • Commercial Photography

    The experiences that the Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications  pathway offers while you are still in high school include the following:

    • Video Production Contest Entries
    • Graphic Design Competitions
    • Adobe Industry Certifications


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  • Endorsement: Business & Industry

    Pathway: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

    Student Certifications: Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash