• Dress Code Policy

    In order to maintain an orderly environment conducive to the attainment of the educational mission of the Ysleta Independent School District, all students shall be required to conform to the East Point Uniform Dress Policy and Dress Code.

     The uniform will consist of:

    1. An official East Point T-Shirt or Polo.
    2. ALL DENIM - Dark Blue or Black Jeans, shorts, skirts, skorts, or capris. Jeans with holes or cut-outs (openings that expose skin to the extent determined unacceptable to the campus administrator) are not allowed.
    3. Closed-toe sneakers or leather shoes with level heels.
    4. Sweaters - Sweaters and lightweight jackets (must have a zipper/buttons) may be worn at any time over the school uniform.  No hoods will be allowed to be worn in the building.  If classroom temperature is uncomfortable, jackets may be worn.  Hoodies are not part of the uniform policy.
    5. Hats/caps must be taken off once students enter the building.  

    Uniform shirts may be purchased in the front office.