• J.M. Hanks ECHS Mentor/Induction Program

    YISD New Teacher Mentor/Induction Program


    JMHECHS teachers who are recently credentialed are supported with time to complete the EPCC New Faculty Modules and assigned a faculty mentor to guide them through the Dual Credit/ECHS process.  Our newest ECHS faculty member, Ms.Sophia Culpepper will be mentored by ECHS Education and Speech Teacher, Ms. Melissa Muñoz-Gutierrez.

    Meet the Newest JMHECHS Faculty Member!

    We are proud and happy to announce that Ms. Sophia Culpepper has completed the EPCC Faculty Credentialing process.  She is now our onsite Dual Credit Psychology teacher.  Congratulations, Ms. Culpepper!

    Sophia H. Culpepper received her B.A. from the University of Texas at El Paso with a major in Psychology and a minor in Secondary Education. She also earned her M.Ed., with an emphasis in Instructional Specialist and Educational Psychology, from UTEP.  Mrs.Culpepper has been teaching Psychology for over 20 years and Advanced Placement Psychology for over a dozen years.