• Shmoop User Name and Password set up step by step:

    Step 1: Click on the link: https://schools.shmoop.com/

    Step 2: Click on log in: 

    Shmoop log in

    Step 3: Click on Blue side and Magic Word is: PREACTIVE   

    Student account

    Step 4: Cick on the Pink part and create a student account. 

    Step 5: Follow the directions User name: use your yisd email address example: rcaldera01  if you don't have an YISD email use your first letter and last name: Hence if name is Hugo Gonzalez, I would use: hgonzalez01. 

    Step 6: Password: will be email address with first letter capital: Rcaldera01

    Final Step: select create student account: if your password and user name where created correctly it will take you to the Shmoop website. At this point use the Shmoop Step by Step instructions listed above. 

     Diagnostic test Click on link Shmoop diagnostic Step by Step after creating a User Name and Password for shmoop log in and use the above link on how to take your diagnostic test.