• Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for enrollment in the Adult Education program, an individual must be at least 19 years of age or older and meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Must have a valid Texas ID or driver's license.
    • Must have a social security card.

    Interested participants cannot possess college credits in the United States.



  • Registration Process

    1. Complete online registration application (Call 434.9400 to access link to application).

    2. Participate in short interview (in person or over the phone).

    3. Schedule and take a test* to determine academic (reading/math) or English level.

                *Usually scheduled on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

    4. Attend 3-hour Orientation*.

              *Usually scheduled on Thursdays or Fridays

    5. Start class*!

            *Usually Mondays or Wednesdays