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  • Do you want to change your life? Make a positive impact on your children's lives? Obtain a better job or prepare for college? 

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    Consider these GED facts...

    •   Want a promotion? Those who earn a GED increase their annual income by $9,000! 
    •   98% of colleges accept the GED!  Start your college journey with your GED! 
    •   Thinking about joining the military?  Earning your GED will earn you Tier 2 status! 
    •   Need a job?  Those with a GED have a higher chance of getting hired compared to someone who did not complete high school.

    Register for the GED class today!!!

  • YCLC is celebrating our recent GED Grads!


    Graduation cap and tassel


    • Amado Aragon, Zimri
    • Araiza, Stephanie
    • Avila Jr., Nicholas
    • Cano, Nicholas
    • Carbajal, Yesenia 
    • Carrillo, Eric
    • Cisneros, Claudia
    • Estrada, Marvin
    • Flores, Victoria
    • Lopez, Pearl
    • Medrano, Samantha
    • Mendes, Genesis
    • Muro, Christian
    • Ontiveros, Abigail
    • Torres, Dulce
    • Trejo, Claudia
    • Valenzuela, Benito
    • Vazquez, Alejandro
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