• Procedures for the Approval of External Research



    All research projects must adhere to the federal regulations that stipulate protection of human research subjects (U.S.Department of Health & Human Services--45 CFR Part 46) and the privacy rights of individuals (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act—20 USC &1232 34 CRF Part 99).

    Submit the YISD research application to the A.R.E.A. Office. You may e-mail, fax, or bring your application to the office.



     Applications will take about 30 working days to process and review. There may be a request to modify parts of your application and this may delay the application process. The district application timeline does not include the time that might be needed to get campus approval, recruit research participants, or data retrieval (data retrieval may take an additional 30 working days). Therefore, it is highly recommended that each research proposal be planned with appropriate timelines. 

    YISD Research Proposal Deadline and Review Calendar for 2016-2017

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    Upon approval, a notification letter with a district IRB number will be sent to the principal investigator. District approval does not ensure campus approval or subject participation.

    Informed Consent

    It is mandatory that informed consent be obtained prior to beginning the research project. In the case of students as research subjects, parental consent is required. A list of students whose parents have signed the parental consent form must be submitted within 30 days of IRB approval. In some cases, assent forms from students will also be requested. Research projects that request aggregated data (e.g. STAAR results by campus) are not required to obtain consent unless the data is based on personal identification (e.g. teacher names and class STAAR scores).


    University Projects Whose Primary Purpose is to Provide a Learning Experience in Research Methodologies

    • All students will require IRB approval from the district even when their institution exempts them.
    • Projects must involve only minimal risk to subjects (risks of harm anticipated are not greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life).
    • Projects cannot involve sensitive topics or confidential information that could place a participant at risk if disclosed (any method that investigates opinions, behaviors, or experiences regarding sexual orientation, incest, rape, sexual molestation, deviant sexual behaviors, sexual conduct, practices of contraception, abortion, pregnancy, substance use, substance abuse, suicide, depression, obsessive compulsive behaviors, traumatic experiences, or any other mental health issue).
    • Project participation must be voluntary, with full informed consent given in writing (in English and Spanish) from every research subject before any research activity is started.
    • Project results must never be distributed outside the classroom. The collected data cannot be used on future projects meant for dissemination (thesis, dissertations, journal articles, presentations, etc.) without the re-submission of an IRB request to both the student's university and the district.
    • Student data must be aggregated and masked to avoid personally identifiable information.


    Application Process

    Submit your YISD research application to the A.R.E.A. office. You may mail, e-mail, fax, or bring your application to the office. If you have any questions about the contents of the application of the IRB process, please contact us.

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