• Tips for Families

    For graduates: decorated mortarboards (hats) are not permitted.Doors will open one hour prior to each ceremony. Please give the previous ceremony participants time to depart.Family and friends should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony.Reserved seating is not allowed.Due to large crowds, choice parking and seating will be limited. Please be mindful of small children.Proper decorum for a graduation ceremony will be expected at all times.Please respect the calling of all graduates' names by refraining from long and disruptive celebrations, and by remaining seated throughout the ceremony, to ensure that each name is heard clearly by the entire audience. DHC camera policy: Professional cameras are allowed. No other additional equipment shall be brought into the building. No tripods, backpacks, or cases.  No zero-gravity rigs or brackets, no umbrellas, no additional light sources, and no cables/wires.

    Please note: The following items are not permitted in the Don Haskins Center (DHC) See flyer