• Riverside High School Dual Credit Academy is designed to provide high school students with a comprehensive dual credit program that combines rigorous academics, personalized support and unique experiences, empowering them to achieve academic excellence, personal growth and a seamless transition to higher education.

    The student must fulfill all the requirements listed below:

    · Admittance to RDCA requires taking Dual Credit courses with college-level expectations.

    · I must take all available Dual Credit courses.

    · Failing or dropping any Dual Credit course will lead to removal from the DCA program.

    · Regular access to reliable internet and computer is required for enrollment.

    · I agree to meet deadlines, manage time effectively, and follow course schedules/syllabi.

    · Course grades will be part of both college and high school transcripts.

    · Maintaining a 2.0 GPA is crucial; failure may lead to Academic Probation or Suspension.

    · A minimum of 70% is required in Dual Credit courses.

    · Failing below 70% in a continuing course leads to removal to the High School equivalent.

    · I must communicate absences with professors and adhere to their guidelines.

    · Dropping or withdrawing from courses before deadlines is my responsibility.

    · Regular meetings with the RDCA Counselor are required.

    · I must verify credit transferability and request transcripts, covering associated fees.

    · Abiding by the El Paso Community College Student Code of Conduct and RDCA Student Contract is mandatory.

    · Violating the code of conduct may result in discipline from both the college and high school.

    · Disciplinary issues requiring DAEP placement will lead to withdrawal from college courses.

    · Meeting Dual Credit application and registration deadlines is my responsibility.

    · Meeting the TSI requirement or obtaining waivers/exemptions is essential for eligibility.

    · If not currently qualified, I must actively seek opportunities to become qualified.

    · Failure to qualify may result in evaluation for program continuation or exit.

    · Submission confirms seeking admittance into the Riverside High School Dual Credit Academy.