Parkland Pre-Engineering Middle School

Achieving Excellence

Points of Pride

  •  Welcome to Parkland Pre-Engineering Middle School, Home of the Novilleros!

    At Parkland Pre-Engineering Middle School, we believe in creating a program of instruction that is relevant, rigorous, and builds success for our students. We believe in nurturing their body, mind, and soul through a variety of academic and extracurricular activities to make their middle school years a positive experience.

    Our curriculum alignment with T-STEM standards allows our school to be determined the only Pre-Engineering Middle School in the district. The high caliber of instruction in our T-STEM program provides our students the education to be successful in courses taken in T-STEM at the high school. We strive to align our T-STEM curriculum with our feeder high school to assure our students continue to enhance their education in the T-STEM field throughout high school and college.

    We offer extracurricular activities at our campus such as sports, fine/performing arts, and clubs that interest students. Our athletic programs strive for success and provide multiple opportunities for students to excel with the proper equipment and facilities. The past 2018-2019 our sports program won Championship in team sports and received medals in many other individual sports. Students in our performing and visual arts programs (to include band, orchestra, choir, guitar, piano, dance, and theater) have earned recognition for excellence at numerous competitions, as well as top rankings for performances and multiple awards at the University Interscholastic League competition. We offer students the opportunity to participate in organizations and clubs such as Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, TGIF society, Rachel’s Challenge and T-STEM Club. Our T-STEM program is recognized as a top robotics and presentation team. We advance to regional, state and national competitions and receive awards at all levels.

    Our new facilities allow the integration of technology in the curriculum which enables our students to demonstrate higher-level learning through real-world applications while allowing their creativity to flourish. The world is headed into a new era of advancement and discovery and we embrace and guide all the challenges and opportunities our students seek in the future

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