Rio Bravo Middle School

Achieving Excellence

  • Rio Bravo Middle School's beginnings go back to summer of 1996. Pasodale Elementary had been the home K-8 classes. The school was bursting at the seams, when the district and community decided that the middle school needed a new home. A farm/ranch sat on the property where the school is located. After all was said and done RBMS opened up in August 1998.

    We have gone through growing pains and achieved much. We have proved ourselves with hard work and dedication. Many leaders in the community and other parts of the Americas received their inspiration to become members of society. Our students will continue their rites of passage and be productive members of society.

    Ysleta ISD 1:1 EngageMe Initiative provided funding to issue a Lenovo Chrome laptop to all 7th students last year. The district is to do the same for all 8th students this upcoming academic year. We are looking forward to another successful year of integrating the curriculum with more technology.

    Rio Bravo Middle School will be offering 2 STEM classes. Our district, administrators, STEM teachers, and support faculty and staff already have everything in motion to make the STEM Program a success.

    • Rio Bravo Middle School can associate themselves with several student bodies within the campus.
      Lobo Technology Leaders, allows students to explore technology concepts that help them in the classroom. These students also assist in electronically documenting campus events through our Media Cast, school website and yearbook.
    • Lobo Ambassadors befriend incoming students throughout the year that come to our school and help those students feel welcomed and become part of our Lobo Community.
      • Rachel’s Club addresses student safety where students spread acts of kindness throughout the campus and promote acceptance and belonging. Our Ambassadors conduct presentations during Period to promote the tenets of Rachel's Club.
    • Student Council is a leadership group that creates the opportunity for students to become effective leaders, thus encouraging and influencing a positive school climate.

    Our sports teams did well this past school year. The 8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball teams won the district championship for 2015. The 7th Boys Baseball Team won the district championship for 2016.


    TEA Distinctions

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