• Dual Language Model







    The Dual Language Model was redefined in 2014 to be implemented beginning our Centennial school year in August 2015.



  • Why a new model?

    A dual language model should be consistent across the district, aligned to state standards, based on research, and geared toward the success of English Language Learners. The new model allows for this. It gives power back to the teachers to test students based on their proven ability. It introduces the English language appropriately and in alignment with state standards. The newly created Academic Language Development course allows for consistency of academic language support for the native and second language development.



    What was considered in the development of the new model?

    The current data trends for the district indicate English Language Learners are not making significant progress in their English development. Additionally, the district currently missed the system safeguards for graduation rates for ELLs and performance rates for ELLs in 8th grade. 

    Extensive meetings with campus principals as well as classroom visits were part of the development of the new model coupled with research and data on how to best serve ELLs.



    How will the new model be implemented?

    The new model was phased in with Kinder and First grade during the 2015-16 school year. Each year thereafter, one or two new grade levels will be added until the new model reaches the 5th or 6th grade. All state assessment decisions will be based on input from the LPAC (Language Proficiency Assessment Committee) in accordance to state law. Such decisions must always be based on what is in the best interest of the student as supported by data, classroom work and concrete artifacts.



    Will non-ELLs still be allowed to participate in a dual language model?

    Yes. English-only students that wish to participate in the dual language model will still be welcomed into the program. However, in accordance with state law, there should never be more English-only students than English Language Learners in a dual language classroom. The class can be comprised of an equal number of English Language Learners and non-ELLs.



    Does the Dual Language Program only exist on elementary campuses?

    No. The YISD Dual Language program continues through graduation and is aligned to House Bill Five (HB5), providing all YISD students with the opportunity to graduate with a state certified acknowledgement in Biliteracy.






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