• Enrollment Requirements

    In order to enroll students in Ysleta ISD, the parent or legal guardian must complete online registration through the online enrollment form below. A student is not considered registered to attend school until the enrollment process is complete. 

    Proof of Residence

    Parents or legal guardians will be required to document their address by showing legal documents such as lease agreements, contracts, or utility bills. Our schools have neighborhood attendance boundaries and give priority to students who live within the attendance boundary.  However, Ysleta ISD  is an open enrollment district which means that all schools within the district offer another option to parents and students who are interested in schools outside of their attendance area.  If the student moves within the school year, the campus secretary or registrar must be provided a new proof of residency.  For more information: Open Enrollment and Transfers

    Proof of Age 

    All students must show a copy of their birth certificate.

    Transfer of Records

    The school will request a copy of a student's records from the previous school attended. If the child was enrolled in a Texas public school, these records will be requested from the previous campus electronically. If the transfer is out-of-state, the request will be made by the campus personnel via fax. The information will include an identification number (either social security number or state number), county-district-campus number, campus name and phone number, sex, ethnicity, date of birth, and current grade level. Most districts will also send grades and standardized test scores. Special education records must be requested separately.

    Enrollment Process

    Parents or legal guardians must complete the entire enrollment process before their children are considered registered to attend Ysleta ISD schools.

  • Documents required for registration:

    • A registration packet must be filled out annually (Packets were sent out by individual campuses)
    • Utility Bill (water, gas, electric), lease, contract, etc. must be provided annually at the time of enrollment
    • Alternate Proof of Residence Notarized annually (if no bill is available)
    • Updated Immunization Record
    • Birth Certificate
    • Parent ID
    • Social Security Card (if applicable)
    • Any notarized documents (to include Power of Attorney, Grandparent After-School Care, Custody court order, etc.)
    • Student's previous school records (if new to YISD)

Eligibility and Admission Requirements

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