Public Relations
  • The YISD Public Relations department is dedicated to keeping the community informed on district issues, student achievement and employee excellence. Parental and community involvement are also priorities for the public relations team. The department works proactively with the media to inform the community of important events within the district and to give parents the information that is essential to their children's success.

Our Specialties

  • Media Relations

    ALL media inquiries are handled by the PR Department. If you receive a media call, or if there is a situation/individual that could potentially receive media coverage, make sure to contact PR immediately. PR works proactively with the media to promote the district and its schools, including writing media alerts, advisories, statements, and press releases; providing video footage and photos for newspapers and TV news broadcasts; handling requests for information on a timely basis; scheduling interviews with district leadership and employees; and pitching positive stories for the greater good of the district.  

    Top-Level District Communications

    PR works with top-level district leaders – to include the Board of Trustees, Superintendent, Chief Officers, and Associate Superintendents – to write scripts, speeches, talking points, letters, website updates, and other items; record videos; take photos; and develop, create, and publish graphics, among others. 

    Crisis Communications

    During crisis situations – such as lockdowns, inclement weather conditions, etc. – PR works closely with top-level leadership and campus administration to create phone scripts, call-out scripts, media advisories, parent notifications, letters, and other materials to alert parents, staff, or the community about issues regarding the safe and orderly operation of our schools and facilities. If your school is experiencing a crisis situation, PR will assist with parent communications, handle all media inquiries, and provide any related support so that school administration is able to focus on keeping all students and staff safe. 


    Our brand represents a simple, yet bold and modern approach to public education that sets us apart from other districts, with a crisp, professional style that conveys excellence and innovation in education. Internally, PR promotes and enforces the district’s branding and image by providing schools and departments with guidance on the proper use of the district logo, as well as the aesthetics – or the look & feel – of all school and district communications, whether it involves graphics, photos, written communication, or other items. Externally, PR assists with interpreting public attitudes toward district, clarifying policies/procedures in the public interest, and promoting involvement and information activities to earn public understanding and support for the district. 

    Multimedia Graphics, Photos, & Videos

    PR provides all videos, graphics, and photos for top-level district leaders, to include the Board of Trustees, Superintendent, Chief Officers, and Associate Superintendents. Schools and departments may request assistance with videos, photos, and graphics from PR for events or programs with districtwide impact; all requests will be considered and PR staff will work with each request to develop the best course of action in the most timely fashion. In particular, PR is responsible for developing, creating, and garnering approval from top-level leadership for school logos; scripting and recording Superintendent videos; and providing multiple graphics, videos, and photos for a variety of districtwide purposes, including PowerPoint presentations, charts, publications, promotions, commercials, advertisements, board meetings, brochures, and other recruitment materials, among others. 

    District Publications

    PR works closely with top-level district leaders, including the Board of Trustees, Superintendent, Chief Officers, and Associate Superintendents, to develop, create, and write text, graphics, and photos for publications that have a districtwide impact or are provided to external leaders (community advocates, city/county leaders, etc.). This includes comprehensive publications such as the Annual Report, which highlights the district’s accomplishments and student achievement by calendar year; and the Strategic Action Plan, which identifies challenges and outlines the district’s strategic plan for progress and improvement over a certain period of time. PR is also responsible for writing, organizing, laying out, designing, and publishing written and website materials such as our 2020 Back to School Central page; Service Excellence page; Ysleta ISD Style and Events Guide; Leadership Directory; Transition Booklets for new schools or the consolidation of schools; special program booklets; and event programs, among other items. 

    Print Shop

    PR also oversees the district’s Print Shop, which creates and produces a variety of printed materials for schools, staff, and departments, including desk calendars, student agendas, photocopies, handbooks, brochures, signs, banners, envelopes, business cards, notepads, stickers, invitations, tickets, etc. Print Shop staff includes a graphic designer and staff that manages the district’s internal mailroom (often called “the Pony”) for campuses and district departments. The Print Shop is located at 301 Vocational Drive, near the Riverside High School campus. Normal weekday hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the school year; the Print Shop supervisor can be contacted at 434-0140 or click here for more information. 


    PR is in charge of handling all advertising and marketing for the greater good of the district. PR will develop, create, design, and produce all printed and digital/website advertisements for targeted audiences, which normally include El Paso-area adults with school-age children. PR is also responsible for designing and coordinating billboard advertisements at highly visible locations throughout the city, as well as movie theater ads; scripting radio advertisements; coordinating media partnerships to increase visibility and promote recruitment; scripting, recording, and producing commercials for broadcast TV stations; and developing, creating, writing, designing, and producing written materials for marketing purposes.    

    Public Relations Training

    With the large number of media requests that come in to the district, PR is also available to provide specialized media training upon request to any top-level district leader, or any administrator or staff member who may be asked to speak on camera for approved media coverage. This training is designed to increase your comfort level when it comes to talking or dealing with the media, and upon request, may also include how to effectively communicate during crisis situations. PR is also willing to make specialized presentations to schools and/or departments on how it can assist them in achieving their communications goals. 

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