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    FEMA IS-100.Sca - Introduction to the Incident Command System

    Audience: Principals, Safe School Coordinators, and DCMRT Members

    Instructions:  This mandatory professional development is partly text-based and video-based.  To begin the course, navigate to the FEMA Emergency Management Institute website using the link below.  You will land on the IS-100. Sca course website.  IMPORTANT - Before you attempt to begin the course, you must apply for a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number. Follow the instructions located on the top of the website to obtain your SID number.  Once you have your SID number, you may click on the "Interactive Web-Based Course" link, located on the middle-right side of the website.  To obtain your certificate, you must answer all questions and complete the course.  A PDF certificate will be issued to at the end of the course.  Please send your certificate to the Office of Emergency Operations and Preparedness to satisfy this training requirement.  Email: | Fax: (915)435-9621

    Website:  IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100

    Suspicious and Unauthorized Deliveries (2020 Texas School Safety Center's Safety and Security Audit Requirement)

    Audience:  Administrators and Front Office Paraprofessionals (Those designated to receive deliveries)

    Instructions: This short presentation coincides with the newly established delivery log developed as a result of the 2017 audit. Please review the presentation (PDF) in full. Once your review is complete, please download, print and send the affidavit to the Professional Development Office.
    Email: | Fax: (915)435-9621

    Presentation PDF: Suspicious and Unauthorized Deliveries

    Affidavit: Affidavits Suspicious and Unauthorized Deliveries

    If you have any questions concerning this training or whether you should participate, please contact the Offices of Emergency Operations and Preparedness at 434-0560 or

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