Inclement Weather

  • In cases of inclement weather, YISD may delay classes, cancel classes, or have an early release day. The procedure for making the decision to close schools begins early in the morning when the Security Department and Operations Department personnel in each area of the city drive the streets near the neighborhood schools to check road conditions. The following reporting requirements will be activated:

    • Road conditions are dispatched to Security.
    • The District Incident Commander (IC) and Safety Officer will confer with the NOAA/NWS – El Paso, El Paso Police Department, El Paso’s Office of Emergency Management and El Paso utility companies about forecasts, road conditions, and available energy for heating and cooling school buildings.
    • The reporting data is relayed to the Chiefs and the Superintendent, who make the final decision to open, delay or close schools.


    Classes will not be held if it is determined that (1) buses are unable to operate safely, (2) if electric service at schools is disrupted, or (3) if natural gas to schools is not available.


    The need for a delayed start or cancelation will be determined before 6:00 a.m. Communications and Marketing will advise parents, staff, and the local media.


    Additionally, the website will be updated this weekend to reflect that we are aware of the inbound cold front and the possibility of snow. Any updates or changes to the school schedule will be provided on the website, via callout and text by 6AM on the morning in question.


    Delayed school day

    A delayed start to the school day means classes will begin exactly two hours after the normal starting time for that particular school.

      • All elementary schools to include Pre-K and PPCD (AM and full day) will start instruction at 9:30 a.m. Students attending the PM Pre-K classes will remain on their normal schedule.
      • All high schools and middle schools will start instruction at 10:30 a.m. (Includes Valle Verde Early College High School)
      • Morning classes at the Career Center at Riverside High School will report to their home campus at 10:30 a.m. and remain at the campus. Students attending the afternoon classes at Riverside High School will remain on their normal schedule.
      • Buses will pick up at the designated bus stop two hours after the original pick-up time.
      • Breakfast will not be served.
      • High school co-op students should contact their employer about the two-hour delay, and attempt to report to their work site as early as possible.


    Canceled classes

    When classes are canceled, all students and most district employees do not need to report to school or work. Essential district employees may be called in by their supervisor to assist with weather-related duties. All athletic and extracurricular activities will be canceled as well, unless otherwise specified. The school day will be made up on a later date that has been designated as an inclement weather make-up day.


    Early release day

    When inclement weather prompts the district to release students early from classes, YISD will notify parents about early-release times for elementary, middle, and high schools via automated phone calls. This information will also be posted on the YISD website and its social media pages, and include whether athletic and extracurricular activities will be canceled. Bus transportation will be available for those who normally take the school bus. However, students should check with the school's main office for pick-up times.

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