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North Star Celebrates 100 Days of School!

Has it been that many? It feels like we just started!

North Star Elementary school celebrated the first 100 days of school with with a slew of activities sponsored by the school librarian, Ms. Flores.

"Our students work so hard, I wanted to give them a little break, so I put together a bunch of games and activities all centered around the number 100."

All day long students came in and out of the library and tried their luck at an array of challenges. How many times can you clap your hands in 100 seconds? What kind of designs can you construct with 100 plastic cups? If they were feeling artistic, they might design a pair of sunglasses in the shape of-wait for it- the number 100! And of course to top it all off, the students were challenged to come to school in a self designed shirt all about 100 days of school!