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Mrs. Armstrong PreK Teacher of the Day

Pebble Hills PreK Teacher of the Day!

Pebble Hills is proud to introduce our exuberant PreK Teacher, Mrs. Anne Armstrong. Mrs. Armstrong has been an educator for 23 years. She has served students in the elementary setting for 4 years and at the high school level for 6 years, particularly J. M. Hanks High School, with the remaining 13 years teaching PreK students. With the plethora of experience that she has attained by teaching several grade levels, Mrs. Armstrong has seen how important the beginning of the journey is for our students and parents. Mrs. Armstrong truly sees the need for allowing our students to explore, create and develop a healthy social emotional base to be ready for a lifetime of learning. “We build readers, writers and engineers at the age of four and it is exciting to be a part of that.” 
Stop by our campus and meet this exceptional Pre K teacher!

Did you know that Pebble Hills Elementary offers Pre K for All? Give us a call at 434-5600 for more information. Pebble Hills wants your child and space is limited.
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