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September Teacher of the Month-Gloria Ash

We would like to congratulate Scotsdale's teacher of the month for September, Mrs. Gloria Ash.  She is described by her former students as a selfless person, a darling angel and hard working.  Scotsdale would like to thank Mrs. Ash for her many years of service excellence as an educator and mentor. 

Mrs. Ash wrote a few words:
"I want to express my deep appreciation to my colleagues for their support. I am truly grateful for the people I have met and the experiences that have molded me to become the educator I am today. I am also thankful for my sources of inspiration, including each of my students throughout my 27 years of teaching, my two daughters, Kristen and Kelly, and my husband, Robert; my family has always been there for me with their unwavering support. My colleagues have also played an important role in my career. I hope to continue to grow throughout my journey as an educator and continue to do my best at making a difference in our students' lives."
Gloria Ash