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Veterinary Science

Instructors: Mr. David Angerstein

Career Cluster

Health Science


We offer exceptional training and education that your child needs in order to be a successful candidate for Veterinary School. Bel Air Veterinary students have a great deal of training within the program from multiple clinic sites. Students are trained to be proficient in restraining animals, setting up equipment and supplies, cleaning and maintaining practice and laboratory facilities, feeding and exercising animals, obtain and record patient case histories, collect specimens and perform laboratory procedures, provide specialized nursing care, prepare animals, instruments and equipment for surgery assist in diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures expose and develop radiographs (s-rays), advise and educate animals owners, supervise and train practice personnel.


Veterinary Assistant

Job Outlook

  • US $55,000 and $75,000 depending upon the st of living in the practice area and type of medicine practiced.

    Partners in Education

    Fiefer's Ranch, El Paso Zoo, East El Paso Animal Hospital, Eastwood Animal Hospital, El Paso Animal Emergency Center