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VVECHS students’ National History Day projects continue to state level

VVECHS Students from Valle Verde Early College High School presented their National History Day (NHD) projects during the month of February.  Twenty-four Spartans that finished in first or second place will prepare to compete at the state contest sponsored by UT Austin at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in early May. The top two finishers in each category at the state contest will advance to the national contest held in June at the University of Maryland at College Park.

The following is a list of students who will move on:
Group Exhibit: 1st place - Cesar Chavez Takes A Stand for Migrant Farm Workers, Aliris Lopez and Danica Lopez. 2nd place - Betty Friedan: Taking a Stand for Women’s Rights, Pablo Lucero, Natalie Saenz, Katelyn Smalley, and Leslie Sosa.

Individual Exhibit: 1st place - Menelik II: Emperor of Ethiopia Takes a Stand Against Western Imperialism, Klarissa Seibert. 2nd place - Nelson Mandela: Taking a Stand Against Apartheid, Isabelle Gutierrez.

Group Documentary: 1st place - Tiananmen Square: Uprising for Democracy, Jacob Barbarena, Rene Cervantez, Cory Diaz, and Chris Yanez.  2nd place - The Shadow of the Panther, Ramses Alderete, Dante Reyna, and Adan Saenz.

Group Performance: 1st place: Hellen Keller: Taking a Stand for Americans with Disabilities, Jacqueline Lira and Benjamin Ontiveros. 2nd place - We Shall Overcome: Music in the Civil Rights Movement, Katelyn Johnson and Yerielle Rodriguez.

Group Website: 2nd place: John Lewis National Leader: Taking a Stand for Civil Rights, Victoria Chavez and Emily Marquez.

Individual Website: 1st place: La Raza Unida Party: Taking a Stand for political and Social Inclusion, Cynthia Bautista.  2nd place: The Boxer Rebellion: The Fight Against Imperialism, Gabriel Blanco.

Essay: 1st place - Congress of Racial Equality: Taking a Stand Against Racial Segregation. Kaitlyn Magnuson.

El Paso’s NHD contest is sponsored by UTEP’s History Department and the College of Liberal Arts. National History Day (NHD) is a yearlong project-based learning program.  Students learn 21st century college- and career-ready skills including, critical thinking, writing, research, and formal presentation. NHD students collaborate with team members, talk to experts, manage their time and persevere.

Students choose any topic in local, national, or world history and investigate its historical significance and relationship to the annual NHD theme by conducting extensive primary and secondary research. After analyzing and interpreting their information, students present their findings in papers, exhibits, performances, documentaries, and websites that are evaluated by historians and educators. 

*NHD was awarded the prestigious 2011 National Humanities Medal, by President Obama.