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VVECHS Class of 2021

The Valle Verde Early College High School Class of 2021 graduated 88 seniors on June 16th.  VVECHS Valedictorian, Aida Fong & Salutatorian Ilyana Jones
The Valedictorian, Aida Fong, has ambitious goals but believes them to be completely reasonable and logical in nature..and for her, they are undeniably achievable. By 2031, she plans to have earned her Doctor of Medicine degree and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, which she feels will only make her a better medical practitioner and researcher. She wants to travel around the world and learn about new medical procedures and medicines in other countries. Aida then plans to return to El Paso and share her knowledge in our region to improve our local healthcare.

This ambition and drive were clearly evident in her four years at Valle Verde ECHS. She is an AP honor student, a member of FOUR honor societies, and is on the El Paso Community College President’s List. She competed on the High Q and Robotics teams and served as the Class of 2021 secretary. She also became certified in the full Microsoft suite while earning expert certification in Word and Excel.  She was awarded over $349,000 in scholarships and attended Rutgers University in New Jersey this fall.


The Salutatorian, Ilyana Jones, is a shy and unassuming individual. She prefers to share her thoughts and beliefs through her artistic work, such as paintings and theater. Academics obviously is a strong area for her, but her love for academics is more due to its connection to the arts.  On stage, she sees how science and math are represented in the fine arts in English and social studies. In her mind, there is no separation between academic studies and the fine arts. They are highly interwoven. Her ultimate goal is to use theater to bring students little connection to the arts and use this newly created connection to build interest in school and academics.


Besides working on this goal, Ilyana spends time volunteering in a thrift store and writing gratitude letters to first responders through the Lovely Letter program. She also tutors students and has held offices in the Spirit Club, Theater Club, Film Club, and the Class of 2021.  Ilyana Jones has earned almost $140,000 in scholarships and will be attending The University of Texas at Austin this fall and hopes to realize her dream of working on stages in New York after her college graduation.

Below are the names of the students who won the Leonidas Award: 

Violeta Amaya 

Hye Eun Chu 

Aida Fong 

Hanna Hayes 

Zophiel Housen 

Jolene James 

Diego Luna 

Dante Padilla 

Uriel Vargas 

Ying Xin (Nina) Zhang 


Way to go, Spartans!