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Once again, Bel Air Art wins!!!

Because Bel Air High School's close proximity to the state of New Mexico, El Paso HS students are allowed to participate in their State Art competitions.
We are proud to announce that this year Bel Air HS has done it again with 4 gold medals,2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals!!!!
Please congratulate the following B/A Art winners
Britany Aguilar- 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
Joselyn Alba- 1 gold
Miranda Gardea- 1 gold
Charlize Santini- 1 silver
Vianey Gonzalez- 1 Bronze
Bel Air art work  of Mother and child.  Abstract art.
Bel Air Art Work of child.  Floating hands can be seen on both sides of child, one hand is innocence and the other evil.
Bel Air art work of a girl's face with her hands completely white touching her face.  Black and white.
Bel Air art titled hope and grief.  Artwork of girl looking upward with an expression of hope, but with gold tears.