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Celebrating College Readiness

In partnership with the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), Eastwood Knolls International School hosted a daylong Mini Minerpalooza for students in grades K-5 on Friday, Feb. 24, to promote college readiness, marking the first time UTEP has held the event at an off-campus site.

During the event, EKIS students participated in a Round Robin activity in which each group experienced a seven-minute visit to four stations, which included a Physics Circus; Seismometer Simulation; Chemistry Circus; and UTEP Majors: Mentors.

The event stemmed from UTEP’s partnership with Eastwood Knolls IS for the university’s Innovation In Outreach program.

The mission of the Innovation In Outreach program is to facilitate the academic needs of high school students to help create a seamless transition between high school and postsecondary options. It accomplishes this goal by providing meaningful interaction with students and directing activities that foster aspirations to postsecondary education.