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Eastwood Students Dominate in Stock Market Game

Pic Eastwood High School Students Mario Torres, Susan Moore, Ysabel Gutierrez, and Aaron Moreno earned First Place amongst El Paso Area High Schools in the El Paso Area Stock Market Game. The Eastwood team was able to accumulate more equity in a Virtual Reality Stock Market Game where students are given a virtual $100,000.00 to begin investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

"The game gives students the real life experience of investing $100,000 in the Stock Market.  Some lose and some win.  It’s a great learning experience for our business students", said Jorge Villa, a business teacher at Eastwood High School.

The teams first place achievement comes from among a list of over 230 teams in El Paso Area High Schools. This is another highlight of recent success at Eastwood High School’s CTE Department. Over the last two years, Eastwood High School has twice achieved 1st Place in the local area Stock Market Game. The game is sponsored by First Light Federal Credit Union, who awarded each Eastwood winning student a certificate and a $50 savings account.

The Stock Market Game goes a long way to teach our kids on how this great piece of the Free Enterprise System works. The students are getting a virtual reality experience in a process that they will be able to participate once they graduate from High School and eventually College.


Jorge Villa