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2018 Hanks Christmas Gift Giving @Vista Hills Elementary

2018 Hanks Christmas Gift Giving @Vista Hills Elementary

Hanks FBLA, with help from DECA, Fashion, Speech & Debate, Yearbook, Interact and Chick-Fil-A Academy students, visited with and delivered gifts to disadvantaged students in their annual Christmas Gift Giving. Gifts were given and quality time was spent at Hanks feeder elementary school, Vista Hills. 

Gift tags with Vista Hills students' names were placed on a Christmas tree at Hanks High School. Hanks students and faculty members selected tags and purchased gifts. On December 12th, eighty-nine students and seven sponsors made their way to Vista Hills where they were welcomed by counselor, Ms. Cervantes, to deliver the gifts.

Vista Hills students were brought into the cafeteria, where they met their Hanks "Big Brother/Sister". Students opened gifts and enjoyed each other's company, as they spent one-on-one time with each other. Bonds were made and stories were exchanged. Some students spent time in classes reading to PK through 1st grade students.

When it was time for Hanks students to leave, each were sad, as time passed quickly, and it was time to say goodbye. It was such a heartfelt time spent by both Hanks and Vista Hills students.

Hanks students later talked about what an amazing time they had, and such a warm feeling they felt... they could truly feel the "Reason for the Season". THanks to you Vista Hills Elementary for your hospitality and giving Hanks students opportunity to give gifts and give from their hearts!