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Getting your student ready for the SAT


In order to better understand how UWorld can be beneficial to students, we need to look at the features that make it a great teaching and learning tool.

The best student resources provide rigorous practice questions that are very similar to those that will appear on exams. It also offers authentic data to both teachers and administrators so that they can make decisions about instruction and track student progress.

As students complete tasks and practice tests, teachers can identify any areas of knowledge that their students are struggling with.

Administrators can compare the performance of classrooms and schools, as well as measure the effectiveness of the program throughout the district.

Lastly, and most importantly, the best tools provide students with immediate feedback when they answer questions wrong, so that they can understand their mistakes and learn from them. This feature is especially helpful for teachers, as it allows them to target instruction based on individual student needs.

Uworld is free to all Ysleta ISD students preparing for college admissions exams. Check out the video below to learn more, and don't forget to visit for additional resources that can help prepare your child for college and career readiness.