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RHS would like to congratulate this year's Academic Decathlon Team.
The following students not only participated, but excelled:

Valeria Valles (medal winner in Art and Literature)
Alyssa Santillana
Christin Carbajal
Daniela Luna
Diego Delgado
Leonardo Lozano
Kyalani Butler

Members of the Academic Decatholon Team compete in 10 events covering various academic disciplines over 2 days:  essays, speeeches, interviews, math, science, economics, art, music, literature and history.  It takes a special scholar to dedicate themselves to such demanding rigor and taxing events.
The Academic Decathlon team competed against all schools in the region (6A, 5A, 4A, and  early colleges) and earned a 2nd place title in the YISD district. 
We look forward to next year with a stronger sence of confidence, perseverance and resolve.