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Spartan awarded Gates Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the our Spartan family has a Class of 2020 Gates Scholarship recipient.  Melinna Andrade is one of the 300 selected out of 36,500 applicants this year.

Melinna has been accepted and has received a full grant from Cornell University in addition to the Gates Scholarship.  She plans to study Biology/Bio-Engineering and pursue research opportunities with NASA in biomaterials.  Melinna has dedicated her four years of high school to exploring bio-science and most recently experimented with the creation of bio-plastics to help with the current pollution crisis.  Her work in that study earned her a NASA Award for Earth Systems.  Melinna balances her passion for science with her love of art.  She is a talented artist who has accumulated various state VASE medals and the New Mexico Goldkey Artist Award.  She has received honors in her volunteer work for the Special Olympics and the El Paso Humane Society Animal Foster Program. 

Congratulations, Melinna! We are so very proud of you!!!!