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College Board

Congrats to the 2023 @CollegeBoard’s National Recognition Program awardees! The honor recognizes their academic excellence and hard work in high school, and that’s a cause for celebration. 14 students at YWLA earned academic honors from @CollegeBoard’s National Recognition Programs. The award is an easy way to showcase their hard work with colleges. 

YWLA earned academic recognition for their hard work in class and on @CollegeBoard assessments: 

Awardees (as of August 17) at Young Womens Leadership Academy are listed below:

• Arianna Espino: NHRA
• Diana Rodriguez: NHRA
• Donetta Moreno: NHRA
• Emily Carroll: NHRA
• Isabelle Alvarez: NHRA
• Jenna Mendez: NHRA
• Lorelei Dorner: NHRA
• Mia Castaneda: NHRA
• Mia Guadian: NHRA
• Rebecca Lopez: NHRA
• Savannah Pitcher: NHRA
• Valentina Robles: NHRA
• Veronica Ramos: NHRA
• Victoria Renteria: NHRA, NIA

Award Key:
National African American Recognition Award (NAARA)
National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
National Rural and Small Town Award (NRSTA)
National Indigenous Award (NIA)