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YISD Reflex Math Challenge Champions!!!

2018 YISD Reflex Math Challenge

YISD Division of Academics together with Reflex Math issued a challenge to all YISD classrooms in grades 2-5 to see who would achieve the highest green lights, the highest daily average use and had the most facts gained / solved.

The challenge ran for all the month of February. Our wonderful teachers worked diligently to get our kids excited about Reflex Math and used the challenge as a way to engage our students and to re-enforce what was being covered in the classroom.

All their hard work paid off when the results came in from Central office. Alicia R. Chacon took 1st Place and swept all grade levels across the district in every category.  • Mrs. Michel - 2nd grade – 1st Place • Mrs. DeLeon - 3rd grade – 1st Place • Mrs. Carey - 4th grade – 1st Place • Ms. Saenz 5th grade – 1st Place • Special recognition went to Mrs. Carey's class who got overall district winner.  Central office representatives came by this week to give all winning classes their awards and certificates. 

Great Job Explorers!!!