How was the Bond 2019 proposal developed?

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In May of 2019, a Facility Advisory Committee was formed to review the Long-Range Facility Plan and present their recommendations to the board of trustees. They did this through the following lens: students remain central to all discussions, and decisions would be anchored to innovative, engaging, safe, and equitable educational experiences for all students.

This 80 member committee, comprised of parents, grandparents, community leaders, business owners, educators, and taxpayers, spent 4 months reviewing and analyzing current facilities, the implementation of 2015 bond projects, potential tax impact, and the immediate and long term needs of the district to create a comprehensive plan for ensuring safety, equity, and excellence across the entire district. Through those efforts, the Facility Advisory Committee recommended a $425 million bond package, and the Ysleta ISD Board of Trustees approved the recommendation of the committee.