Dolphin Terrace SSALT

Kudos to Maribel Nunez, Itzayana Hernandez, and Liza Diaz at Dolphin Terrace Elementary School SSALT program!

Mrs. Liza Diaz was the first teacher we met at Dolphin Terrace. She took time to have a meet and greet with my granddaughter Bailee who doesn't do very good with change. She is a great teacher who puts her students' needs first. She made Bailee's 3rd grade year so awesome and rewarding. Even if she isn't Bailee's teacher this year, she still checks in to see how she is doing. Mrs. Nunez and Mrs. Hernandez are so caring. The transition from 3rd to 4th grade went so good. These 2 young ladies really have been there thru meltdowns and all. They have been 100% professionals thru all this craziness, going from studying at school then learning from home. My granddaughter looks forward to the face to face meetings on Google Meet and is always happy to see her teachers and classmates. Besides that, Mrs. Nunez has made herself available at anytime if we should have any questions. I know it's as hard for teachers as it is for the students. I just want to thank you all for all your hard work and being so amazing. Lots of love and respect. Thank you for being part of our family. You young ladies deserve the stars!

Mary Alvarez

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