TLCC_Cecilia Vasquez

Kudos to Cecilia Vasquez, Nurse at Transition to Life Career Center!

My daughter's best friend is in Special Ed and attends TLCC in the YISD. She has said that nurse Cecilia Vazquez is amazing at her job, and is very good with kids. Stephanie has said numerous times that nurse Vazquez was always there when she needed help or assistance and would always calm her down when something was up. Stephanie has described nurse Vazquez as a kind loving person. One of the nicest persons you could ever meet. She hopes to see nurse Vazquez, "her favorite Nursie" once again this upcoming year. Nurse Vazquez has also been described as a nice kind-hearted soul. It would definitely mean a lot if nurse Vazquez saw this and know how much Stephanie and these kids appreciate her.

Marissa Sanchez

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