9-7-20 Lorein Monardes at Tejas School of Choice

Kudos to  Ms. Loiren Monardes, Teacher at Tejas School of Choice!

Mrs. Monardes did a fantastic job today. She was instructing her research and design class and during the lesson, a student noticed that near him there was an electrical fire starting which was due to a faulty outlet in his room. Mrs. Monardes asked the student if he was ok and he indicated that he needed to extinguish the fire that was starting, Mrs. Monardes made sure she was keeping in contact with student. During this time, student and teacher were conversing and then student stopped responding to teacher, she tried contacting parents and there was no answer, so she contacted 911.  Fire dept reported to home all was taken care of with no serious damage to property. Parent contact was made, and that evening parent was already taking care of repairs for outlet.  Mrs. Monardes is a Superhero!

Dr. Lucy Lozano-Lerma

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