12-2-20 TIS Software Engineer Team

Kudos to Raul Navarro, Osvaldo Guillen, Janeth Chavez, Issac Moriel, Adrian Hurtado at TIS Sotware Engineer Team!

I would like to thank and recognize my team. Since COVID-19 hit this team has been working to their limits and beyond to trying to retrofit current applications and create new applications under tight deadlines. They have been going non-stop since last spring break until now and there is no end in sight. They have often worked past normal work hours and through weekends and holidays. I am proud to call them my co-workers. I also often get the kudos that they deserve for their hard work and would like to remedy it. Thank you Raul, Ozzy, Janeth, Isaac and Adrian.

Tiffany Payne, Software Engineer Manager

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