8-13-21- Dr. Lisa Serna DVHS

Kudos to Dr. Lisa Serna at Del Valle High School!

Dr. Serna is the choir director/choir teacher at Del Valle High School and teaching for 20 years! She is incredible, super sweet, kind, helpful, fun, and such a fantastic singer. She has taught us (the whole choir) so much about becoming great singers, presenting your performance(s) to either the class, to an actual audience for our concerts, shows, etc. Our school choir is the best in the whole district. Our principal, Mr. Atonio Acuña, loves our choir. If any kids would like to join, have them talk to Dr. Lisa Serna. Like I said before, she's incredible, and she'll show you all of the different techniques on how to sing and be a singer.

Naomi Rodriguez, Teacher

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