5-3-2022 Ms. Alicia

Kudos to Ms. Alicia from Mission Valley Elementary School!

My son has been going to Mission Valley since kindergarten. He is now in 2nd grade and Ms. Alicia has been there every morning, afternoon and year as the cross guard. She makes sure our kids get into the building safely. At the beginning of the year with all the traffic issues, she was there always making sure our kids got into the right car. She would also places cones with all the teachers' names on time to make it easier for everyone. 

I know for a fact she does way more than that. A staff member said that she volunteers for much more inside the school and that she has been at Mission Valley for 20 years.

I had to stop and tell her today how grateful I am to see her face every day and for her dedication. She knows many of our kids' names. I drive up, but will not let my son out of the car until I see her coming out to help him cross.

She goes above and beyond and I can tell she loves our kids and her job. I hope that she is recognized for all that she does and I want her to know it does not go unnoticed by parents. Thank you Ms. Alicia for all you do at Mission Valley Elementary.  

Karrie Cardenas

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