2023-24 Safety & Security Procedures Slide Deck

Goal:  All campus staff members are oriented and prepared to participate in the Safe Schools Program for 2023-2024. School administrators will review the Safety & Security Procedures Slide Deck with all professional and paraprofessional/ancillary school members, including substitutes, during the welcome back activities of July 24th.  We recommend that you review the 2023-24 Safety Card as well, specifically the drill calendar dates. The Safety Card is found on the Safe Schools Program Website.

When: Presentation must be reviewed during July 24, 2022 Welcome Back Activities, before students return to school. Sign-in sheets will be retrieved during the August Desk Audit visit by Dr. Livemrore.

School Orientation Presentation 2023-24.pdf, 432513; (Last Modified on July 26, 2023)