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    April 3, 2020 

    Hello Spartans…I wish I could be welcoming you back from spring break in person!

    For the past couple of weeks, your teachers have dedicated themselves to creating engaging, quality lessons that you will access online and complete while you are at home. Even though your online learning won’t happen inside a classroom with your teacher, you WILL be able to talk to your teacher through video conferencing such as Google Meets, which is available on your iPad or through other apps that your teacher has chosen to use.

    The attached schedule below is SUGGESTED for all students. However, during this time of uncertainty, we understand that life issues may interfere with following any one particular schedule. It is essential though that students:

    1) Do work for their classes daily

    2) Complete assignments on time

    Each teacher will contact you about how their lessons will be presented. Some will have live session(s) and then upload a recorded version for you to watch at your convenience if you missed the live session. A few may even have live sessions all day long, while others will post lesson videos and/or presentations for their instruction. During designated Academic Time, your teacher will be available online for questions/clarifications. Your teacher will contact you with their specific schedule, how to locate the online lessons, and how to best contact them during the day (Google Classroom, email, Edmodo, Blackboard, etc…) for live direct assistance and/or chats with any questions or help that you need. You can send emails with your inquiries at any time of the day, but keep in mind that teachers will not necessarily respond immediately if you send questions in the evening. Teachers also have families and life responsibilities that they must also deal with after the workday.

     Dual Credit classes have their own schedules as designated by EPCC. Please follow the instructions from your instructor carefully. If you have any issues completing their assignments with your iPads, please let your instructor and the VVECHS administration know immediately.

    In the suggested schedule, you will notice two periods: Enrichment and Health/Wellness. Enrichment time should be focused on taking time to do what you need to do to bring focus to your life in order for you to move forward successfully during the day. Yoga, meditation, listening to music, painting, reading, etc…. Mrs. McNulty will be posting SEL activities and ideas for you to consider doing in her Google Classroom as well. Health and Wellness is time for you to do some type of physical exercise, something to keep your body in shape and healthy.

    This is important whether you are taking a PE class or not. Doing something in your backyard or walking in your neighborhood (though following strict social distancing guidelines) is important. The brain and body are connected and if one part is not doing well, the other part cannot function to its full ability. Exercise is essential. We understand your academic work will spill into these two periods often and some of you will spend more time on academic work than what is listed in the suggested schedule…but please make time each day to take care of yourself emotionally and physically as well as spending quality time with your family as it is all equally important.

    Finally, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of maintaining contact with all of your instructors. Even if you don’t have a question about the lesson, checking in with your teacher daily is necessary. Besides academics, let us know how you are doing and if we can help.

    Spartans, the current situation is going to demand independent mature behavior from you more than ever. We will not be at your home to make you sit down at your iPad or computer to do work. You will have to assume the personal responsibility to make sure you engage with your teacher to do the work necessary to earn your high school and college credits. Despite all the changes in our society, I can assure you that nothing can or will be freely given to you. But we will work with you to make sure you do earn your credits and do not fall behind as long as you make the effort to stay involved with your classes and teachers daily. TOGETHER we can and will do this!

    No one ever imagined that the 2019-2020 school year would end in this manner. It’s a challenge and obstacle that life has thrown at you. But, as I have mentioned to each and every one of you, the reason you are at VVECHS is because YOU have demonstrated the ability to deal with obstacles better than most students. You don’t let life’s curve balls get in your way…you don’t let roadblocks keep you from your goals. You will deal with this current situation in the same manner. You are Spartans and together we can handle anything. We are Sparta!!

    Suggested Schedule For Valle Verde Early College High School Students

    9 to 10 am Enrichment
    10 to 11 am Academic Time
    11 am to Noon Academic Time
    Noon to One Lunch
    1 pm to 2 pm Academic Time
    2 pm to 3 pm Academic Time
    3 pm to 4 pm Health and Wellness



    Paul Covey 
    Mr. Paul Covey, Principal   


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