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  • Great Job Heather Aguago and 21st Century Team at Capistrano Elementary!
    Great Job everyone at the ACE Program at Capistrano Elementary for your dedication to our program, and the great leadership you provide.

    Maria Gomez

  • Great Job Aurora Dominguez at Mission Valley Elem.!
    Great job on being such a caring second grade teacher at Mission Valley.


  • Great Job Mary,Tammy, Liz, Denise, and Maggie at Speech, OT,and VI!
    Thank you all so much for the excellent R.I.S.E. activity. The students had such a great time. All of you are awesome!!!

    Melinda Alvarado

  • Great Job Zulema Acosta at North Loop Elementary!
    Kudos to Zulema Acosta for not just voicing your concerns about our school community but having solutions ready to share for school improvement.

    Valerie Garcia

  • Great Job Bernadette Aguayo!
    Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your Pre-K Sundancers in the Day Care Collaborative at TDS. Your compassion, care and connection to TDS Pre K students is highly commendable. Way to go!

    Alexander Corona

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Vision Statement

All students who enroll in our schools will graduate from high school, fluent in two or more languages, prepared and inspired to continue their education in a four year college, university or institution of higher education so that they become successful citizens in their community.

Todos los estudiantes que se inscriben en nuestras escuelas se graduarán de la preparatoria, con fluidez en dos o más idiomas, preparados e inspirados para continuar su educación en un colegio, universidad, o instituto de educación avanzada con el fin de lograr ser ciudadanos exitosos en su comunidad.