Lancaster Elementary School

Achieving Excellence

Points of Pride

  • TEA "B" rated school

    Vision Statement
    All students who enroll in our schools will graduate from high school, fluent in two or more languages, prepared and inspired to continue their education in a four-year college, university or institution of higher education so that they become successful citizens in their community.

    Mission Statement
    Lancaster Elementary faculty, staff, and community will provide a positive and nurturing school climate that promotes a love of learning while fostering academic excellence through valuable learning experiences that will produce well-rounded, productive citizens that are able to compete in a global setting.

    2017 TEA Extraordinary Achievement School
    We have earned Academic Achieement in the following areas; Reading/English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and College Readiness.

    Lancaster met STAAR accomplishments in all disciplines:
    Reading, Math, Science, and Writing

    Outstanding Extracurricular Activities
    Number one Cheer Squad for grades 3-5
    Aztec Robotics Club for grades 3-5
    Google Cyber Lounge for grades 3-5
    All girls Reading Book Club
    Student Council

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