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    August 4, 2020

     Dear Parents and Students,

    First and foremost, I hope and pray this communication finds you well and in good spirits. A reminder that school will start on August 17th and be virtual for at least the first three weeks. If the school board decides to extend this time frame I will be in contact with you via a bulletin.


    If you have not completed Online Registration please do so as soon as possible. In addition, if you have not completed the survey indicating what educational platform your son/daughter will be receiving (face to face or online) please do so as early as possible. We need this information to plan accordingly. Thank you to all the parents that have already completed both.

    In order to plan accordingly, it is critical that you choose one of these models by completing the survey at  If you cannot click on the link, copy and paste it onto a new window.

    *Please complete the survey for each student you have at Bel Air High indicating what model you prefer. Again, this information will help us coordinate our faculty and staff as needed. As always, thank you in advance for your support.

    Online enrollment: Before you can register your child for the 2020-21 school year please complete the online enrollment process. If you already have, thank you. Online enrollment information can be found on our landing page at

    Online Registration: Once you have completed online enrollment you can continue with online registration. You will receive an e-mail to notify you of the registration page.  You will be able to link multiple students if needed. Please find the information below in regards to what will be required.      

    Returning students:

    a.        Immunization record

    b.       Parent/guardian ID

    a.        Power of attorney (if applicable)

    c.        Proof of residency

    a.        Alternate proof of residency (if applicable)

    d.       TB Questionnaire

    e.        Request for food allergy information

    f.        Student emergency information and consent for medical treatment

    New students:

    a.        Birth certificate

    b.       Social security card (if applicable)

    c.        Immunization record

    d.       Parent/guardian ID

    a.        Power of attorney (if applicable)

    e.        Proof of residency

    a.        Alternate proof of residency (if applicable)

    f.         Home Language Survey

    g.        ALP’s Questionnaire

    h.       Race and Ethnicity Questionnaire

    i.         TB Questionnaire

    j.         Request for food allergy information

    k.        Student emergency information and consent for medical treatment


    If you need any assistance with any of these processes, please contact one of our amazing attendance clerks.

    The following are our attendance clerk's contact information.  They are listed according to alpha.

    Mrs. Ida Arenas:

    A - Gom  434-2028

    Ms. Sonia Rodriguez:

    Gon - Olg 434-2080

    Mrs. Liza Chavez:

    Oli - Z   434-2014

    Mrs. Naomi Santacruz:

    PEIMS/Truancy Court  434-2013 


    Admin/Counselor Update: Please see the new admin and counselor alpha below. I also included extension numbers and e-mail addresses for your convenience.

    A-C  Wes Mottinger (434-3813)     James Coblentz (434-2022)

    D-G   Octavio Sanchez (434-2009)     Diana Lujan (434-2018)

    H-ME  Claudia Valenzuela (434-3801)     Rosie Mota  (434-2021)

    MI-RI   Robert Robledo (434-2002)     Aurora Rivera (434-2019)

    RO-Z   Ruben Alarcon (434-2003)     Julie Perez (434-2020

    Chrome Books Distribution Update:

    Seniors (12th graders) who have already enrolled in YISD and registered online, can pick up their chrome books on August 10th from 9am to 11am. Parents and students can pick up their chrome books by driving up to the pick up station located in front of the Tartan Theater on Venado.  Please display student name on vehicle window as you pick up.  They must stay in their vehicle and must be wearing a mask.

    On August 11th from 9am to 11am, Freshman (9th graders) can drop off their Bel Air Middle School chrome books at station 1 and pick up their Bel Air HS chrome book at station 2.  Both stations will be in front of the Tartan Theater on Venado Street.  Parents and students...PLEASE wipe down and clean laptops before dropping off.  It is safe to wipe down laptop with disinfecting wipes while the computer is off.

    *Library books can also be dropped off at this time as well.*

     Other information

    ·         Do you have questions regarding your grades, LOC, or academic status? Are you feeling anxious and scared? Visit our school website at and fill out the Counseling Services Form.

    ·         As always, you may find further or updated information at our district website, Follow us on social media via Twitter @BelAirHigh, @CharlieGarciaBA, and our Facebook Page.

    ·         If you are in need of technical assistance with online learning, please call our District’s Innovative Learning Representatives at 434-0683, 434-0688, 434-0676, or 434-0687.

    ·         If you have any questions, please submit to ASK the District on the YISD webpage.

     I have no doubt that as a team we will keep moving forward with resiliency, grace, and optimism.

    Charles E. Garcia, Principal


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