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  • Hanks   J. M. Hanks High School first opened its doors in 1978, serving students in the east El Paso Community. Our school serves approximately 1,733 students in 9th through 12th grades. Since its opening, Hanks High School Knights have established a tradition of excellence across the realms of academics, athletics, and student participation in community service. The Hanks experience is defined by the virtues of Knighthood: COURAGE to be fearless in all endeavors, GENEROSITY to foster a greater sense of community, and VALOR to always strive for excellence.

    Opportunity for growth and success are bountiful here at the Kingdom of Champions, the only thing we are missing is YOU!

    Hanks is home to many outstanding programs in academics, fine arts, atheltics, and student organizations:

    Advanced Placement
    Hanks offers Advanced Placement coursework (AP) and exams for students with a participation rate of 59%. Students are offered 42 hours of Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 25 hours through Dual Credit courses, giving them the opportunity to earn 67 hours of college credits while in high school.

    Career & Technical Education
    Career Pathways are offered at our campus:

    • Arts, Audio & Video Technology, and Communication
    • Business Management and Administration
    • Education and Training
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • Information Technology
    • Law, Public Safety, Security and Corrections
    • Marketing
    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) 

    Hanks Early College High School   J. M. Hanks Early College High School, founded in 2020, provides an exceptional dual enrollment opportunity between Ysleta ISD and El Paso Community College to complete an Associate's Degree unpon graduation.

    Our Award-winning fine arts programs, outstanding athletic opportunities, and rich tradition of academic excellence will provide our students a well-balanced high school experience.

    Wearning SILVER and BLACK is a tradition of success. The Kingdom of Champions is an educational journey, where every student MATTERS, and every MOMENT counts!

    It’s ALWAYS a great day to be a Knight!
    We LOVE you and there’s nothing you can do about it!

    Together We Can Do Anything

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